5th Annual Sports Meet

In KC Global School Dagham under the supervision of Principal Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Gupta two days “5th Annual Sport Meet” is organised. On the second and final day of the occasion Ms. Amandeep Kaur the District Basketball Coach was the chief guest, worthy CEO Colonel S.S Minhas was also present to motivate the students.

During the sports meet students participated in different activities from all the wings (Pre-primary to Senior wing). Students taken parts in Simple race, Balloon race, Spoon race, Relay race ( 100m-200m) , Skipping race, Sack race, Three leg race, Kangaroo race, Frog race, Discus throw, Shot put, long jump and Tug-of-war etc.

The Chief Guest Ms. Amandeep kaur, CEO S.S Minhas & Respected Principal Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Gupta honoured the students with medals and trophies. The Chief Guest also shared her views to motivate the students and appreciate the winners.

By: Ms. Jaswinder Kaur
Overall Co-ordinator
(Pre-primary wing)