Environment Day celebrated in K.C Global School Dagham

The Environment Day celebrated in KC Global School Dagham under the supervision of Principal Prof. Dr. Rakesh Gupta. The students fiom standard 3rd to 8th took participation in it. Principal Prof. Dr. Rakesh Gupta motivated the students to keep the environment safe and clean. He also told the students that we should plant more trees to stop the pollution. We should do the deeds by which we can save the enviromnent, the lives of birds, animals and insects and also provide the pollution free environment for the future generation. The students from grade 3 rd and 8th placed the pot filled with water & also the food like grain for the birds. The students from grade 4th and 5th planted trees. Likewise the students from grade 6th ai1d 7th depicted a play related with environment by which they gave a message that for our comfort & luxury we should not destroy the environment. For its safety we should step forward, so that we can live a healthy life in future time. On this occasion Mr. Sandeep Singh (Senior Co-ordinator) , Naveen Kumar, Mandeep kumar, Jaswinder Kaur (Co-ordinators), Hardeep Kaur (Activity Co-ordinator) , Sukhjinder Kaur, Rajinder Kaur, Amandeep Kaur, Amandeep Kaur, Usha Rani, Saroj Rani, Sarita, Ranjit Kaur, Navdeep Kam, Pawan Kumar, Gurpratap Singh, Kausalaya Rani, Palwinder Singh all were present.