Fire Safety Training Programme-2019

DAY :-Tuesday
Today in KC GLOBAL SCHOOL,DAGHAM in the supervision of Principal Prof.(Dr)Rakesh Gupta a 'Fire Safety Training Programme' is organized . This programme is organized by First Aid Fire India Company.The representative of the company told to all the staff members and students that which type of fire extinguisher can control which type of fire.He told about different types of fire extinguishers.During this he told ABC type fire extinguisher is useful for all types of fire.BC CO2 type extinguisher is master of electronic fire. AB forum fire extinguisher is master of oil fire.Inspite of this ho told that A type fire extinguisher should not be use on electronic fire.During this programme to control the extreme fire Hozril and Hi-dent system is introduced.During the programme all the staff members andstudents shown keen interest.

On this occasion all the staff and students were present.