Rana Partap & Gurleen Kaur elected as Head Boy and Girl of KC Global School

In KC Global School Dagham to maintain good discipline and to follow the rules and Investiture ceremony was held to choose  Head boy and Head Girl (2017-18). This ceremony was headed by Principal Dr. Rakesh Gupta  he gave message to the students-“If today we are going to accept responsibilities than only in the coming future we can became a good  leader. He also said that we should always ready to help others. He had motivated the students to fulfill their responsibilities On this occasion +2 (Standard) students  Rana Partap and Gurleen Kaur were elected as a Head Boy and Head Girl. In this occasion 16 students were honoured  by giving them batches. They had taken oath to be disciplined and to fulfill their duties. To make their school and parents proud on them. To maintain discipline inside and outside the school. On this occasion Vice Head Boy Gurdeep Badhan and Vice Head Girl Ravneet Kaur were elected, Sports Captain Bhupinder Singh & Manpreet Kaur were elected and Vice Sports Captain Karanveer Singh and Navdeep Kaur were elected.

Harmandeep Kaur as Ruby House Captain and Gursharanpreet Kaur as  Vice Captain. Manpreet Kaur as Emerald House  Captain and Eshpreet Singh as  Vice Captain were elected. From Topaz House Amarjot Kaur as  House captain and Jasdeep Singh  as Vice House Captain were elected.  From Sapphire House Manveer Kaur as House Captain and Jasneet Kaur as  Vice House Captain were  elected. Prof.( Dr.) Rakesh Gupta and Co-ordinators of the school honoured the students by giving them batches, and all the school staff members congratulated the students. In this Ceremony Senior Co-ordinator Sandeep Singh, Activity Co-ordinator Arti, Kindergarten Co-ordinator Jaswinder Kaur, Academic Co-ordinator Naveen Kumar and staff members Sandeep Kaur, Hardeep Singh, Nand Lal, Hardeep Kaur, Rajinder Kaur, Sandeep Kaur, Sukjinder Kaur, Harish Kumar  were present.