Trip to Wonderland

Today, the students of K.C. Global School Dagham under the supervision of Principal Prof (Dr.) Rakesh Gupta went on a trip to wonderland. Around 100 students joi n the trip. The senior Coordinator Sandeep Singh, Hardeep Kaur and Sarita took care of students. The Students from class K.G to XII went on trip. The students & staff members departed at 8:00 a.m. from school. Wl1en they arrived t11ere, after the entry of students they entered in Water Park and fully ei1joyed it. After tl1at, students went on rides. The Rides were Ju1nping rides, Manual rides, Train, Boating, Rain Dance & Disco. The Disco was enjoyed the 1nost by the students. The students were very deligl1ted . On tl1is occasion Principal Prof (Dr.) Rakesh Gupta 1notivated the students for more Fu11Tours. At last, after a group photo they cam.e back fro1n Wo11derland.