Today in KC Global School, Dagham under the supervision of Principal Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Gupta' WORLD MALARIA DAY CELEBRATIONS has been celebrated. In this event 1 st class to 3 rd class students were presented. Principal Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Gupta and all teachers aware the students about the dangerous disease Malaria and also aware the students about the symptoms of this disease. They also informed the students about some precautions that they can use for their safety. At the last moment Principal Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Gupta', all teachers of pre- primary wing and students took pledge to eliminate this dangerous disease. At this moment, Ms.Meenu sharma (Senior Co-ordinator), Ms.Davinder Kaur ,Ms. Amandeep Kaur, Ms.Ekta ,Ms. Rajni,Ms. Amarjit Kaur were present.