Transport facility is also available to the students of different routes to pick up and drop covering all the villages of Garhshankar and Banga. The school also has provided two new buses for the Banga to Garhshankar route which includes and seventeen villages.

Introducing New Routes:

Route No. Driver Name Villages
11 Manpreet Singh (97796-94419) Chahalpur, Rawalpindi, Lallian, Mohanowal, Mola Badpur, Golian, Purkhowal, Banga Chowk Gsr, Radha Krishan Mandir, Ward No.12 Nangal Road Gsr, Anandpur Road
22 Jaswant Singh (99156-91231) Morawali, Bhagwain, Naura, Bhaura, Sujjon, Surapur, Ucha Lidhana, Palli Jhikki
33 Surjit Singh (94786-75978) Binewal, Khanpur, Bhamian, Nangal Road GSR, P.D.Bedi School (b/s), Tel.Exchange (B/S) GSR, M.E School GSR, Penseryan Mohalla
44 Manjit Singh (98761-73263) Road Majara, Kukur Majara, Denowal Kalan, Sahungra,Ramgarh Jhungia,Samundra,Panam,Bagwein,Ladhan Jhikka,Bagwain,Ibrahimpur,Yokohama,Neher,Deron
55 Keshav Kumar (94642-87729) Dagham, Denowal Kalan, Deron, Denowal Khurad
66 Avtar Singh (94634-38238) Mallpur, Jabbowal, Bheen, Rasoolpur, Basiala, Chaura

School had its transport services which provide pick and drop facility to school students. All the special care is given in maintenance of vehicles. Every bus has a teacher and an attendant on duty during every pick up and dropping off students.

  • Own Buses Yes

  • Buses hired on contact basis Yes

  • Details of transport charges ( Min Amount ) to (Maxi Amount) Charges are stop wise Min : 450 & Max: Subject to distance from school